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Teletype 1945-1985 Font |
Teletype 1945-1985

Teletype 1945-1985 by E.V. Norat  [1 comment]
in Fancy > Typewriter
Note of the author
This typewriter-based, serif, mono-spaced font is similar, but not exactly, to the actual Teletype typeboxes, that where used initially by the Civil Aviation Agency (CAA), subsequently reorganized as the Federal Aviation Administration(FAA), in the various electro-mechanical Teletype (TTY / TWX) machines. These teletypes were used by Air Traffic Controllers at over 360+ Flight Service Stations facilities, the U.S. Weather Bureau/Stations, international weather stations, military and many other facilities throughout the world for communications and weather reporting/transmission purposes.

The main unique differences from the standard teletype is that the CAA/FAA typeboxes included eight (8) wind direction arrows and four (4) cloud cover symbols. In addition, several letters were slightly “bowed” outward at the sides from standard teletype typeface(s). No lower case letters were used; instead the typeboxes were shifted between LTRS (Letters) and FIGS (Figures).The teletype, such as the ASR-28 model used a 5 level Baudot coded paper tape, a nylon-cloth ribbon, ran at a 110 baud rate, or about 60 words per minute and the typeboxes only had 64 characters available (including CR, LR, SP, BEL, NUL, etc.).

Around 1985, due to the computer automation upgrades using the new standard ASCII coding, all weather symbols were removed and replaced with text-based descriptors. In addition, the consolidation of 360+ Flight Service Stations to the new 64 Automated Flight Service Stations (AFSS) in the mid to late 1980’s, made the slow teletype system(s) obsolete and was removed. About 2005, all the FAA Flight Service Station facilities/personnel were sold (?) by the U.S. Government to Lockheed-Martin Corporation and are expected to be further consolidated to less than a handful nationwide.

This font, TELETYPE 1945-1985, was made to appear as actual characters exactly as it was printed on teletype machines.
It accurately recreates a typeface as though it was printed through a nylon cloth inked ribbon and slightly askew.

First seen on ReFont : 12-11-2008

Illustration © E.V. Norat

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